• Property- Bur Dubai

    We have successfully completed this property project in Bur-Dubai. We have given the best service and everything was done smoothly.

  • Warehousing Solutions:

    We are providing all warehousing solutions as well and we have done projects where we have used warehouses for storage of mass items and products.

  • China Steel Project:

    We have done China Steel project which was a big achievement for the company. A lot of logistics were involved and company has given its best to finish the order on time.

  • Transportation:

    We are the seasoned experts when it comes to transportation projects. Completed several projects over the years, transportation is our forte.

  • Tobacco / Cigarette:

    We are handling tobacco / cigarette approx 80mt per week, coming from different origins to U.A.E than we transship / cross load to different destination as per our client request.